Covid 19 And Health & Safety Messages

Health and safety: please keep your bearings when out on the water

Whether you are catching fish with your mates, celebrating a successful year at work or you are exploring the Hauraki Gulf for the first time we want you to relax and enjoy yourself on our boat. And this might involve a drink or two, especially on hot day.

But we ask all of you to pace yourself with how much you and your team drink. We are legally required by the NZ Police and Auckland Council to ensure our guests don’t over do it on alcohol. We have clear guidelines for assessing peoples’ level of intoxication, and if the line is crossed from sober to drunk we have to stop the charter and return to port. The Police have the power, on  land and sea, to board our boat and make sure we are all within the safe drinking limits. We fully support the Police on this. A drunk guest is a danger to themselves and others. Add a choppy sea, sharp hooks and a wet deck and things can go badly wrong real fast.

So, enjoy yourself, but don’t lose your bearings !

And no drugs, no exceptions.  

In terms of complying with COVID regulations all the 2xs crew are double vaxxed and we require all guests over 12 years old, on board our boat, to be double vaxxed as well. We would appreciate your confirmation of this requirement before we send you the deposit invoice, and we will ask to see your covid vaccine pass before you board the boat. We will refund 100% of monies paid if the COVID19 policy changes and we need to cancel the booking.